Food And Philosophy



I owe nearly all my success to the teachers and mentors who have been patient enough with me over the years to help me develop both the ability to cook and a moral code worth living by. I’ve made more mistakes than I care to mention and the only comfort I find in them is the lessons learned along the way. Failure is a humbling teacher to say the least, but you have to eat the meal. We don’t walk into a restaurant, look at the menu and leave. No. We eat and digest the food and convert it into fuel to sustain us. Life teaches us in a very similar fashion once we’ve decided to take lessons instead of losses.

Since life is it’s own teacher many of us have been forced to eat our mistakes on more that occasion. Oftentimes it’s how we respond to both joy and struggles that end up defining our character. Even those really painful moments help us grow. Once we know bitterness we can instantly recognize sweet. It’s like life has a built in flavor profile.


I love cooking. I could spend 60+ hours a week in a kitchen with no complaints. So obviously I’ll be sharing recipes and cooking techniques. However, food is more than that to me and I want that to reflect on Samsara Chef. Much like love, art, or music, food is another one of those universal languages everyone speaks.

We cooks are actually in a pretty special position to learn. Everyone eats. No matter the culture or class, it’s one of those things we can’t escape. That being said, we Chefs often find ourselves in strange kitchens and foreign markets honing our craft. Going outside of our comfort zones is almost the only way to stay relevant and at the cutting edge in our field. Cooking tears down boundaries. We share a common bond and end up finding all sorts of other things we have in common as well.

Why not share some of those moments with the masses? Why not expand my social circles even further by using the internet to dig deeper? I am a firm believer we as prople have so much to learn from each other. There’s infinite beauty in the world, why not admire it?


Networking is a good practice for all of us to master, but it’s not exactly restricted to business savvy entrepreneurs and moguls. We all have the opportunity to reach out and connect to the world around us. Thanks to the internet it’s possible for us to share and learn whatever we desire to with ease. What if thousands of us could share ideas and feedback? Can you imagine how much we could benefit each other, not only with skill sets, but our perspectives as well. The possibilities are only as limited as human potential which we keep proving is infinite.

Of course, it’s so easy to feel independent and pretend we don’t need each other in this modern age. We take great pride in our accomplishments and can easily forget all the help we received. At the opposite end of that idea, it’s just as easy to feel disconnected from the world and isolated. Next time you sit down at a restaurant I want you to think about our global connection. Consider how many people were involved in that moments creation. Look beyond the servers and kitchen staff and you’ll discover truck drivers, warehouse workers, farmers and even ranchers. The reality is we are never alone and are constantly working together and helping each other.

What a wonderful time to be alive. I look forward to making my dreams a reality and growing along the way. Thank you so much for your time. Let the journey begin.


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